What it’s like Jumping into the Wedding Scene

PUBLISHED BY: Destiney Trujillo Martin

Why are coordinators so essential? What do they do? Wedding planners and coordinators are there to ensure that your wedding day is how you envision it and to take some stress off of you on that special day. They can be a pivotal part of the whole process; which was news to me!

When I jumped in as a brand new coordinating assistant that was only the beginning of what there was to learn. Before this, I knew close to nothing about what it takes to plan or coordinate a wedding; and I’ve been married for 4 years! From vendors to decorations and timelines, there is truly so much that goes into each element and it can be a lot to keep up with!

The first wedding I assisted with was on July 8th, 2023. Kayla had just gotten her diagnosis and started treatment; she had thought of me to assist her with this wedding because the menu was tacos which just so happens to be my high school nickname. I knew that she had started her own business, but didn’t look into it too much since I am already married, but it still intrigued me so figured I’d help out an old friend and expand my horizons.

Kasey and Breena’s wedding, and being one of those behind it, was truly magical. Allow me to share my perspective on wedding coordination, and how I became inspired, and review the behind-the-scenes of that gorgeous day. It may also give some insight as to why planners/ coordinators are so essential.

Prep, Prep, Prep!

As someone who started mostly clueless, getting familiar with the basics was the first step. Kayla took me under her wing and explained what was going to happen as well as going over the timeline that she has so skillfully put together. On the day of Kasey and Breena’s wedding, I was full of excitement, and of course, I had some nerves to boot; so I stuck by Kayla’s side as she introduced me to the florist, and photographers and showed me around for the first hour. After that, I started to get used to the busy scene and felt more comfortable. From meeting other vendors, to setting up reception tables the start of the day felt so welcoming.

Although I was unsure about what to do at times, Kayla was always there to guide me. There was a point while decorating the reception tables when I noticed that Kayla looked a bit frustrated; she was having a hard time getting the centerpieces how she wanted them to look. I offered to step in even though I was hesitant, and help her get another perspective; it turned out that my placement sparked the missing element that she was trying to think of and the centerpieces turned out lovely. We got the rest of the decorations and prep set while bouncing ideas off of each other, then before I knew it, it was time for the ceremony and fun to begin.

Go Time!

Before the ceremony was about to start, I watched Kayla usher the whole wedding party together; even yelling above all the voices at times just to check that everyone was accounted for. There wasn’t much for me to do at that moment, so I stood aside to not be in the way until Kayla started leading the bridal party down the pathway. As she did, the bride, Breena, and her father were left there waiting for their cue and I realized that there was no way I was going to let her dress drag in the dirt before she got to the beginning of the aisle. So, I gathered up the train and made sure she wouldn’t trip on her way. It felt like such an honor to help such a stunning bride on that gorgeous summer day.

Shortly after I led them to the stopping point, Kayla came to take over and get them into position. I watched excitedly as she took the dress, cued the DJ for the song of choice, and led them towards the aisle. Breena’s dress shimmered in the sunlight as Kayla fluffed the train and gave them the go-ahead to walk towards the alter. I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. Everything seemed perfect and everyone was so happy. Shortly after I sat down, Kayla informed me that the keg tap had broken and I needed to go to a nearby store to get a replacement. So it turned into my mission to get back with a functioning keg tap before the ceremony ended. I wasted no time because that’s no way to start a reception! Luckily, I got back just in time for the festivities to begin.

Reception Time!

Once everyone had gotten food and the speeches had come to an end, it was time for the cake-cutting. I have never seen that process and figured it would be best to observe the fun. After the bride and groom had their bites, it was time for us to tackle the rest of the cake.

It was a stunning 4 tier cake (one was acrylic and filled with flowers!) that each had a different flavor. That being said, it was one giant tasty quest to get the whole thing cut and served as requested. Kayla and I powered through as we watched hungry kiddos waiting outside the door wanting the first piece. Once we had conquered the cake, there wasn’t much for me to do until the party came to an end.

I found myself on the dance floor 1-2 times thinking of my husband and how gorgeous the wedding day turned out to be. Before I knew it, the sun had set and there was a fantastically groovy dance circle going on. The night was starting to wind down, so while the guests busted out their last few moves, Kayla and I started cleaning up slowly so the party didn’t come to a halt.

Cleaning up trash, making a plan as to what will go where bringing in boxes, etc. Once the DJ announced the private last dance, we got the rest of the decorations together and put them away. Then, the bride and groom went to start their happily ever after; but not before Kayla said some kind words and exchanged hugs. It was truly such a memorable day for everyone who attended and was involved.

Final Thoughts

With the events of the day being finished, I found myself looking back and reflecting on how much I enjoyed every aspect of making this day happen. Also, Kayla had told me “You are a natural at this” and she was grateful that I jumped in when needed. And the best part is that it did feel natural! From the beauty of decorating to the last-minute issues, it all just seemed to play into all of my niches.

Kasey and Breena’s wedding was so impactful for me and helped me realize what I am capable of. Since I have always made it a mission in life to be happy and create beauty wherever I go, I JUMPED at the opportunity when Kayla offered an associate planner position with KJ Coordination. Since then, I have not looked back! I’m learning so much while bringing joy to everyone’s special day and that means everything. Thank you for having me there for that unforgettable wedding.