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Kayla Jacobson

Lead Planner

I’m the girl behind the magic at KJ Coordination!

I am an enneagram 4w3. Why does this matter? It means I love making designs that makes people FEEL something. I want the event to feel magical and intimate and genuinely raw emotions. I am an introvert and an empath. I build deep connections with those who vibe with me and I think that’s really special to have that deep relationship during such an important and stressful event in your life. 

Magical, Intimate, Raw Events

April 2022 | Ataylor Photography

Sara Schilperoort | Google

Kayla is amazing! My team and I at Steel Shaker Mobile Events had the pleasure of working with Kayla and her team at a Wedding recently. Kayla was full hands on with every aspect of the planning and even more hands on at the venue on the day of. She is so organized and helpful and does all the extra “little things”. She coordinated the event with grace and professionalism! We highly recommend Kayla for your next event! She will make it effortless and take the stress out of planning!